The     herculisnoirRelay is for a two team mates on 10 K

The course is the same as for the 10 K, split in two.
The first runner will run 3K, and his/her team mate the remaining 7K.At the arrival, the 3K runner will have at his/her disposal a special area on the Boulevard Albert 1st where he/she will give the relay to his/her team mate separated by runners of the 10 K, which will have different bibs.


  1. On-line on (secure payment by credit card) until March 9th at 23h59
  2. By registration form from February 6th to March 5th
  3. On site at the Running Expo at LOUIS II STADIUM
    • Friday March 10th from 1.00pm to 7.00pm
    • Saturday March 11th from 1.00pm. to 7 p.m.

No registration on Sunday morning 12th

ONLY on-line from October 1st to February 5th.

The start of the Monte-Carlo Relay will be given at 9.30 a.m. at the same time as the 10K of Monte-Carlo

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE download the form
Every runner has to be in possession of a medical certificate dated less than one year prior to the day of the race, which authorises his/her participation in running events. (see below)


The organiser should receive a copy of this document with the registration.

Cancelation insurance (+5.00 €) enables an entire refund of the inscriptions fees in case you cannot participate.
A simple written demand is required. The latter should arrive (mail, postage, fax) before the beginning of the running expo.

3K born in 2003 or before
7K born in 2001 or before

Only a team result list will be established, without distinction of age or sex of the runners

A bag with the bib number shall be handed out on Sunday morning on the start line.

The Bibs will be handed out during the Running Expo at LOUIS II STADIUM on Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon between 1.00pm and 7.00pm
No bibs will be sent via post. To know your bib number, see the list of participants

Registration has to be paid by credit card, indicating on the form the 16 digits, expiration date and the three last numbers on the back of the card.

Until March 5th : 22.00€
Until March 11th : 27.00€

No registration on Sunday morning 12th

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